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i_heart_meryl's Journal

I <3 Meryl
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About the Author ♥
I've been a fic writer since 2000 when I was in sixth grade and I started with Get Smart and Max/99 because I was the cool kid who watched TVLand instead of current shows... and, while I still love classic television, I've branched into current television as well! After Max/99 I moved onto CSI/Grillows and my first femslash ship was Alex/Olivia from SVU. Since then I've had a multitude of OTPs and I've met so many wonderful people and I hope that I'm part of this amazing entity we call fandom for many years to come.

<--This is me and my beautiful and perfect greyhound Aziza. I'm 25 and bisexual and I write femslash and het, mostly centered around Mary McDonnell and Meryl Streep because they're my goddesses but I do branch out occasionally ;) My educational background is in Linguistics/Psychology/La Langue Française.

Here are my fic sites and whatnot: Streeptastic! (Streepcentric fic) | Marymania (Mary McDonnell fic) | My AO3 (Grrriliketigers) | My FF.net (Grriliketigers) | My Vimeo Vids (Coco41) | My Tumblr (Gracillius)
My Top Ships ♥
Below are the ships that I have fic'd, graphic'd or vid'd in the past, present or anticipated future. In no particular order except like with like and what looked good next to each other in a relatively arbitrary order.

Brenda/Sharon (Closer) | Sharon/Andy (Closer) | Sharon/Andrea (Closer) | Roslin/Adama (BSG) | Roslin/Cain (BSG) | Roslin/Zarek (BSG)

Miranda/Andy (DWP) | Miranda/Jane (DWP) | Joy/Victoria (Hot in Cleveland) | Stacy/Cuddy (House) | Emma/Regina (OUAT) | Grissom/Catherine (CSI)

Other Awesome Ships ♥
Closer/Major Crimes Sharon/Fritz ♥ Battlestar Galactica Laura/Lee, Laura/Ellen, Laura/Joseph Adama, Laura/D'Anna ♥ House House/Cuddy, Cuddy/13, House/Stacy, Bella Cuddy/Julie Whitner, Bella Cuddy/Blythe House ♥ Devil Wears Prada Miranda/Maria Castleton (original character, Patricia Clarkson pb), Emily/Andy ♥ Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Alex/Olivia, Alex/Liz Donnelly, Olivia/Elliot ♥ Doubt Sister Aloysius/Sister James ♥ Crossover OTPs House/Catherine (House/CSI), Miranda/Donna (DWP/It's Complicated), Miranda/Lisa (DWP/Prime), Sharon/Diane (The Closer/The Good Wife) ♥ X-Files Mulder/Scully, Scully/Diana Fowler, Scully/Reyes, Scully/Ed Jerse ♥ Ashes to Ashes Gene/Alex ♥ Scott & Bailey Gill/Rachel ♥ Rizzoli/Isles Jane/Maura ♥ Get Smart Max/99 ♥ Scarecrow & Mrs. King Lee/Amanda ♥ Guiding Light Olivia/Natalia, Olivia/Josh ♥ Warehouse 13 Myka/HG ♥ The Mentalist Lisbon/Jane ♥ Orange is the New Black Alex/Piper, Red/Awesomeness ♥ Ashes to Ashes Gene/Alex ♥

threesomes and moresomes
Closer/Major Crimes Sharon/Brenda/Fritz, Sharon/Andy/Brenda ♥ Battlestar Galactica Laura/Zarek/Ellen, Laura/Zarek/Lee, Laura/Joseph Adama/Helena Cain ♥ House House/Cuddy/Stacy/Wilson, House/Cuddy/Wilson ♥

love triangles
Closer/Major Crimes Brenda/Sharon & Brenda/Fritz, Sharon/Andy & Brenda/Sharon, Sharon/Andrea & Brenda/Sharon ♥ Battlestar Galactica Laura/Bill & Laura/Zarek ♥ House House/Cuddy & Stacy/Cuddy, Cuddy/Thirteen & House/Cuddy ♥

shows i watch without shipping
American Horror StoryCriminal MindsGo OnFamily GuyAmerican DadMiranda (UK)Heading Out (UK)ElementaryThe Good WifeCougar TownMisfits (UK) Parks and RecreationCastleMonkPsychMurder She WroteGolden GirlsBlack Adder (UK)New Tricks (UK)Nurse JackieVeepNew Adventures of Old ChristineJust Shoot MeThe GladesCharlie's Angels (Original)

favorite meryl movies
Death Becomes HerAdaptationDoubtShe-DevilAngels in AmericaThe HoursManchurian CandidateThe Iron Lady