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Death By Chocolate

Brenda Leigh Johnson (The Closer), tumblr graphic

Brenda is a chocoholic who consumes chocolate in probably every episode of the show. At one point in the show, she's told that she's going through pre-mature menopause and she will have to give up chocolate and she looks like she's been told she has minutes to live. When she gets bad news, she dives straight for the Ho-Hos (or Merlot, if she's at home).

The Kids Rob a Train (Bob's Burgers), picspam

In one of my favorite episodes, the kids are relegated to the juice caboose while Bob and Linda partake of wine in the main train. They encounter Rudy in the caboose who tells them about the stash of chocolate and they concoct a heist.

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Who can forget the chocolate cake scene in Matilda?! The chocolate cake is obviously iconic, but then the chocolate box that Miss Honey's father kept is also a running thread. And let's not forget the kid that gets thrown from the window for eating two M&Ms while the Trunchbull is teaching a class. And then once I started looking at the screencaps, I realized there's a lot of food in the show: Matilda making her own food while the family eats TV dinners and marshmallows.
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