February 20th, 2011

[ Closer ] My Captain

Told You So -- 1/1 -- Brenda/Sharon

author Coco
fandom The Closer
pairing Brenda/Sharon
rating NC-17
spoilers 5.03 – The episode we’re first introduced to Sharon and we find out what her department is and all that jazz, but really, there aren’t any spoilers.
disclaimers I do not own The Closer or Kyra Sedgwick or Mary McDonnell. BUMMER. I claim no ownership and I make no money off of my fanfiction.

AN I don't know if they'd really put cameras in offices? I think I made the camera thing work though. This is inspired by tayrn's caption in her tgif captioning, can be found here

summary Brenda really should have shut off the security camera in her office... but Sharon loves hates to say "I told you so."

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