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Third Strike - Brenda/Sharon - The Closer 10/?

author Coco
rating R
disclaimer I do not own anything even remotely related to The Closer, Kyra Sedgwick or Mary McDonnell – if I owned all of those then there would have been so many make-out scenes already! – and I mean no copyright infringement. This is just for fun!
spoilers may contain spoilers up through Sharon Raydor’s episodes.

Summary On the same week that Brenda has to sign her divorce papers, Sharon's son is arrested which brings up a host of ongoing problems in Sharon's personal and professional life.

Over the next few days Brenda was still buzzing from the physical contact from Sharon, the feel of the older woman’s lips on her skin. The kiss itself couldn’t have been more chaste, but the smouldering look they’d exchanged had set Brenda aflame.

Sharon's influence seemed to linger in the house and Brenda straightened up and even managed to get in touch with the water treatment plant and gotten the water situation fixed. she felt very good about herself and she couldn't help but attribute it to the brunette.

Back at work on Monday Brenda found herself smiling more and enjoying the members of her squad the way she’d used to. Flynn and Provenza’s bickering was cute again, David and Julio were sweet and wonderful again, and dear Buzz and Tao were brilliant again.

“No. Shut-up,” Flynn objected, shaking his head at Provenza, “you are not asking the waitress from the coffee shop to go out with you. She’s probably eighteen, if that!”

“She is not!” Provenza grumbled, “she’s twenty-eight if she’s a day.”

“I’m telling you old man, save the little dignity you still have left and forget about it…” Flynn trailed off upon hearing the tell-tale clacking heels of the approaching Captain Raydor. He looked up and locked eyes with her, standing defensively.

“I just came to speak with Chief Johnson,” Sharon held up a hand, “no need to get up.”

“If it’s not official business, I think you should probably just leave.” Flynn said protectively, “she’s in a really good mood and… she’s been through enough, she deserves this good mood.”

Indignation flared up in Sharon’s face. She was really close to giving Flynn a piece of her mind when Brenda emerged from her office with a cheerful, “Captain! Come in.”

Sharon regarded Flynn smugly and followed Brenda into the office. Brenda closed the door behind them and leaned against the desk. “What can I do for you?”

“I just wanted to say thank you for Friday night again. You were very gracious and it was inappropriate of me to go to your house and doubly inappropriate of me to go drunk. I want to apologize – sincerely – and promise that my poor behaviour will not be repeated. I hope you can forgive me.”

Brenda watched Sharon with stunned disbelief. Had Sharon not been there and felt the same commaraderie as Brenda had? Had she not enjoyed their time even a little bit? Brenda felt like she’d just had the wind knocked out of her.

Sharon watched Brenda’s reaction quietly. Sharon needed Brenda to forgive her because she’d enjoyed their time together so much that she needed to know that Brenda didn’t begrudge her her rude behavior.

Finally, Brenda shook her head, “it’s fine, Captain,” she forced a smile. “I forgive you.”

“Thank you.” Sharon looked relieved.

Brenda stiffly moved back to sit at her desk.Sharon nodded, “okay, that’s what I came to say, so… have a good day, Chief Johnson.”

Sharon paused for a moment to allow Brenda time to answer her but Brenda remained silent. Sharon turned and left the office. Brenda let out a long sigh and dropped her glasses to her desktop.

Flynn watched Sharon walk out of the squad room with suspicion. Brenda was in an absolute shit mood for the rest of the day and Flynn cursed Sharon Raydor to the heavens and back for ruining the serenity of Major Crimes yet again.


By the time Friday rolled around Brenda resolved to take the bull by the horns and stop moping around. She had enjoyed Sharon’s company and she wasn’t going to give it up that easily, if Sharon needed a little encouragement, so be it.

Brenda walked into Sharon’s office and up to her desk and set down the cup of coffee she was carrying. Sharon looked up from her paperwork quizically.

“Have you been over to see Reese yet?”

Sharon shook her head, “I’ve been busy.”

“I have to run over to the prison this evening, why don’t you tag along?” Brenda watched Sharon as she mentally debated what to say. “Come on, Captain, do I have to make it an order?”

Sharon shot Brenda a playful glare. “Fine. Yes. I’ll tag along.”

“Meet me in the garage at six.” Brenda flashed her charming southern grin and turned to leave.

“Your coffee, Chief.”

“I brought that for you. I promised you coffee Saturday morning.”

Sharon blinked. “Thank you.”

“See you at six.” Brenda said pointedly before disappearing.


Sharon picked up the telephone and looked through the plexi-glass divider at her son. She could feel her heart breaking just looking at her sweet little boy against the harsh back drop of state prison but she resolved to steel herself. “Are you settling in okay? Do you like your cellmate?”

“Ma, this is prison, not college.” Reese retorted.

Sharon laughed a little, “hey, give me a break, would you?” Saying the words felt like a huge weight off of her shoulders, she realized that that was what she’d wanted to yell at everyone in her life for years. “Would you rather I ask like ‘yo, what’s the skinny on your cellmate, bro?’”

“No,” he laughed, “no, go back to the first one. You’re gonna get me shivved talking like that.”

Sharon sighed and studied his features for a few long moments. “You’ve really grown up well, Reese, I haven’t been around much but I want you to know that I’m really proud of you.”

He scoffed, “a lot to be proud of… I’m in prison, we’re talking through two inch thick plexi.”

“I mean it. You stood up for your principles, you’ve put up with your father’s and my bullshit for most of your life, you’re very smart. There’s nothing not to be proud of, sweetheart.”

“Come on, shut up.” He looked away embarrassedly.

“I will not shut up. I’m not waiting around for you to love me again so that I can tell you how much you mean to me. I love you. You’re my baby and I haven’t always been the best mother that I could be and I’m… really sorry how everything worked out. I’m not going to play the what if game with you because that doesn’t do anyone any good but from now on I’m going to be everything you need from me.”

“That was really hard for you to say, wasn’t it?” Reese smiled.

“One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to say.” Sharon laughed softly.

“You didn’t have to say it.”

Sharon nodded, “you needed to hear it.”

“Visiting hours are ending,” a voice came over the loudspeakers. “All visitors start making your way to the marked exits and wait to be escorted out.”

“I guess that means me…” Sharon bit her lip. “I’ll see you soon, Reese, I love you.” She hung up the phone and stood up.

“Hey ma, wait,” Reese called into the phone but to no avail. He reached up and banged his palm into the plexi-glass until he got her attention. One of the guards advanced on him, “it’s cool, it’s cool!” He insisted, “I just needed to say one more thing.” He indicated Sharon and the guard nodded reluctantly.

Sharon picked the phone back up and put it to her ear.

“You can stop ‘waiting for me to love you again’ because I never didn’t love you.” He sighed, “that was hard for me to say… but you needed to hear it.”

Sharon nodded, feeling tears spring to her eyes. Reese gave her a small smile before standing and allowing the guard to escort him away.

“Ma’am,” a guard on her side put a hand on her shoulder and escorted her out when she stood.


Brenda saw Sharon striding across the parking lot and shoved the book she’d been reading into the in between the seats. Sharon opened the door and sat down quietly. Brenda studied her for a moment and took off her glasses, “Capt’n?”

Sharon reached under her own glasses to wipe her eyes. “It was a good visit… I just had one of those moments when I realized that my seventeen-year-old son is more of an adult than I am. He’s such a good kid and I… I can’t take any credit for that.”

“Come on,” Brenda scoffed, “of course you can, you’re his mama. Your actions have shaped him, no matter what they were. You feel like you were inattentive? Maybe he just needed room to grow and you enabled that in him.”

Sharon turned to look at Brenda in astonishment. “You know… you’re actually very thoughtful… why didn’t I know that about you?”

Brenda smirked, remembering their conversation the previous Friday. “Maybe because you spend so much of your time trying to nullify my department instead of actually speaking with me.”

“Won’t make that mistake again.” Sharon smiled and then paused in thought and looked at Brenda scrutiningly. “Were you reading?”


Realization washed over Sharon and she looked away embarrassedly for a moment before looking back at Brenda gratefully.

Brenda narrowed her eyes, “what?”

“Thank you for bringing me here. You didn’t have to do this and… it was unbelievably nice of you considering our history.”

“I was coming anyway.”

“To read in the prison parking lot?” Sharon peered at her pointedly over her glasses.

“Alright!” Brenda insisted, “just put away that mother face. I can’t deal with that. I thought it would be a shame if you didn’t come see him and I thought you might need a push in the right direction.”

“You’re a mystery, Brenda Leigh Johnson.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Brenda waved it off, afraid that she would blush under the attention. She stuck her key in the ignition and turned the car on, “wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a riddle. I know.”

As Brenda pulled out of the parking lot Sharon found herself unable to take her eyes off of the younger woman. “Do you have dinner plans?”

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