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Get Smart REMAKE!

Get Smart was one of the television shows that shaped my childhood. I devoured it on TVLand, it was my very first fandom, I wrote fic for the very first time for Max/99. As I've watched it as an adult, I still enjoy the irreverence and the slapstick and the craziness but... it was the 60s and... the sexism bothers me. I would really love to see a modernized version with more women and people of color.

Maxine "Max" Smart     Agent 99

The Chief     The Admiral

Dr. Anastasia Steele     Hasan Turing

Juana Ferrer     Konrad Geier

Historically, the best way to end up in CONTROL was to be someone who didn’t fit into the old boys’ club but to be undeniably deserving of a place at the table. CONTROL is often used to debunk conspiracy theories or run down leads that the CIA doesn’t want to spend their time on. Beginning with Admiral [NAME DELETED – CLASSIFIED] who was originally appointed as the head of the organization after rising through the ranks of the military and left to toil away in CONTROL because she was a woman. She was succeeded by Chief [NAME DELETED – CLASSIFIED], also known as Agent Q, who had served under Admiral [NAME DELETED – CLASSIFIED]. The Chief’s best agent is Agent 99, [NAME DELETED – CLASSIFIED], he was relegated to CONTROL when he made an enemy of the CIA director’s son at the academy. Agent 99 is far and away the best agent to come out of the academy and is working hard to earn his way into the good graces of the CIA and leave CONTROL behind him once and for all. Dr. Anastasia Steele is a brilliant chemist and roboticist and an expert in just about any scientific discipline you can imagine. She is unorthodox and socially awkward and has a hard time interacting with people. Hasan Turing is a mandroid assembled and programmed by Dr. Steele who is often just as quirky as she is but is in a perpetual good mood and always friendly for when Dr. Steele doesn’t feel like she can muster it. Enter Maxine “Max” Smart. She’d been a promising young agent at the CIA before she made a mistake, exposing her name and mission to the enemy. Her assignment to CONTROL is considered a demotion and she’s assigned the number 86 since she was 86’d from the CIA. She’s considered a colossal screw up and is going to have to work very hard to overcome being a punchline. Juana Ferrer and Konrad Geier are the liaisons between the CIA and CONTROL. They often show up at inopportune moments and are generally snide and dismissive. They deliver messages and tasks from the CIA and, on more than one occasion, claim credit for work done by CONTROL agents.

Episode 1
Maxine Smart arrives for the first time at CONTROL headquarters. The Chief is less than enthusiastic at being saddled with the person who is, essentially, the laughing stock of the spy world since CONTROL already struggles to be taken seriously. Max is nervous and somewhat clumsy which doesn’t help her reputation any. Max receives an icy welcome from the other agents and attempts to make friends with Dr. Steele. She is characteristically awkward and not sure what to make of Max and sends Hasan to talk to her. Max flirts with Hasan who seemingly responds in kind. The Chief sends Max to meet 99 in the field as back-up. There is an instant spark between Max and 99 but their walls quickly go up and they work together to find a man who was threatening to use a doomsday device called “inthermo.” The man turns out to be a schizophrenic and his device is found to be useless but not before trying to shoot his way out. The local police collect him and as he’s being pulled away by the officers he warns the agents that Mr. Big is coming and then the end of the world will be upon them.

Episode 2
The Chief announces that Max and 99 would be permanent partners. 99 protests but the Chief won’t hear it, Max and 99 worked so well and 99 had been partnerless for too long. The pair is assigned to guard a Russian diplomat’s daughter who had narrowly escaped a kidnapping attempt in the past. The joke ends up being on the agents as it is discovered that the diplomat’s daughter was actually attempting to run away. The Admiral, the original director of CONTROL, is sent to CONTROL headquarters by the CIA because she’s going senile and starting to talk too much about classified government business. The Chief is torn between being sad to see that her old boss and mentor is losing her marbles and being annoyed that she’s saddled with this task. The Chief argues to Juana Ferrer and Konrad Geier that she has more important things to do, to which they snidely ask “such as?” In the end, the Chief decides that it’s her duty to take care of the Admiral because it’s clear that the CIA has no respect for CONTROL or the years that the Admiral put into shaping it into a respectable program.

Episode 3
Max and 99 investigate the art scene when Juana and Konrad tell them that they got a tip that top secret information was being smuggled out of the country in paintings. 99 is annoyed at the busy work assignment but Max insists that when she was at the CIA there had been whisperings about top secret chemical formulas being shipped overseas with art and antiquities. Infiltrating a high profile auction, Max and 99 attempt to suss out the key players. Max is intrigued by a proxy bidder who is bidding on behalf of his boss Monsieur LeGrande. Max and 99 sneak into the auction’s warehouse and find some artwork that seems to have coded messages embedded in them. 99 takes pictures with his phone and then Max and 99 get knocked out. When they awaken, Max and 99’s phones are smashed and they’re tied up in a warehouse that is now on fire.

Episode 4
Part two of the episode open with Max and 99 tied up among flaming objets d’art. They are tied together around the middle and their hands are zip tied. They struggle to separate but are unsuccessful and hilarity ensues. Finally, 99 bends so that Max is lifted off the ground, most of her weight on his back and manages to get them out of the warehouse. Another CONTROL agent, Agent 13 arrives to find them still struggling with their confines. After they had failed to check in, the Chief sent someone in after them. The warehouse is unsalvageable and everything inside burned up. Back at headquarters, they discover that the first two pictures 99 took were uploaded to the cloud before the phone was destroyed. Dr. Steele reveals that the message is not in code but contains part numbers. She doesn’t know what the device is likely to be by the small amount of information that they have. Max floats the idea that it could be a doomsday device and everyone finds that comical and insists that she’s been poisoned by the CIA’s attitude about what CONTROL does. She insists that Monsieur LeGrande is Mr. Big in French and the suspect from her first case said that a villain named Mr. Big was going to usher in the end times. Max’s theories are promptly dismissed.

Episode 5
In a moment of lucidity, the Admiral reveals that she kept a detailed journal from her years at the helm which include names and assignments of current CONTROL employees. Unable to locate the journal, the Chief realizes that the journal is missing and has been missing for an unknown amount of time. Before leaving on their mission to locate and bring back the journal, Dr. Steele fits the agents with several devices that they can wear on their person that they can use as back up if their phones are smashed, confiscated, or inoperable. Max is fitted with a shoe phone which is met by many snickers and jokes by Max and 99. The shoes are a pair of kitten heels with removable heel caps – under one is a distress signal that transmits the exact gps coordinates of the wearer when pressed, under the other is a morse code device. 99’s mirror set is a pair of cufflinks. Max and 99 infiltrate the nursing home which formerly housed the Admiral, bringing her along as cover and assistance. Hilarity inevitably ensues as she gets away from them when they are arguing and they must find both the diary and the woman who wrote it before either fall into nefarious hands. Max rightly theorizes that they’d find the Admiral and the diary in the same place - which turned out to be a crawl space behind her previous bedroom. Both are returned safely to CONTROL headquarters. When the Chief is spending some quality time with the Admiral that evening, the Admiral reveals that the diary is missing about a month’s worth of entries. After the Admiral goes to bed, the Chief starts flipping through, checking the chronology of the dates and discovering that the missing month corresponds to a significant date from her own past.

[ … ]

Episode 21 – part one
Throughout the season there are repeated references to the mysterious Mr. Big. Max immediately thinks there’s something to all the vague references while the others dismiss it, but soon enough evidence piles up and all of CONTROL is on the hunt for the mysterious Mr. Big. Juana and Konrad ridicule the time and effort that they’re putting into it. It’s pretty clear from the evidence amassed that Mr. Big’s objective is to build bombs and set them off in all the major political buildings in Washinton, D.C. Max and 99 set up a sting and discover that Konrad shows up, knocking them completely for a loop. They capture and bring him in and as soon as they walk into CONTROL headquarters the power goes out.

Episode 22 – part two
The episode opens with Hasan and Dr. Steele in the lab. Hasan, who has the ability to see in the dark, grabs Dr. Steele’s night vision goggles for her and they plunge into the depths of headquarters, heading for the breakers. Max, 99, and Konrad run into Juana in the hallway. Max and 99 express their pleasure at running into her because she can help and when she makes no move to help, Max realizes with resignation that Juana is Mr. Big and has been all along. Max and 99 are knocked out and wake up to the Chief shaking them awake and the lights have been turned back on. They explain that Juana Ferrer is Mr. Big and she took Konrad and escaped but Max and 99 had successfully stopped the plot to acquire the bombs. The CIA is suitably embarrassed that two ranking members of their organization had been double agents. What’s more, both Juana and Konrad were fake names, Juana Ferrer is the equivalent to Jane Smith. A representative of the CIA tells Max that she can come back to the CIA now but she decides to stay in CONTROL. After all, they still have to catch Mr. Big.
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